10 Things I learned in Washington DC

A few weeks ago I was able to head back to Washington DC with Oregon Farm Bureau for a few days. We visited with many of our states policy makers, attended a few events with the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, and also got to see a beautiful city! Here are just a few of the things that I learned while I was back east!

  1. Using words like “Safe, Abundant and Affordable” are not the best words to use when talking to consumers about the food we grow. (US Farmer & Rancher Food Event)
    DSC02041Katie Pratt, talking about why the USFRA is so important to today’s agriculture!
  2. Always try to address concerns that consumers have, while at the same time telling your ag story!
  3. Clean Water Act is an ongoing issue and I’m thankful that American Farm Bureau is working so hard on that issue for us farmers.
  4. Trans Pacific Partnership is really just a free trade agreement, new name is all.
  5. Meeting with legislators makes a difference! Thank you Congressman Schrader for introducing a bill to remove Ag products from the HOT GOODS issue, HR 1387!
  6. Even when you travel across the country you can find people from my small little town. Walked into an office to find a girl I grew up with as the head staffer for one of Oregon’s legislators! Small World indeed!
  7. New Zealand has the same population as Oregon and is just about the same size as our state as well. (New Zealand Embassy)
  8. John Wilkes Booth originally was planning to kidnap President Lincoln, obviously his plans changed! (DC Tour of Lincoln’s Assassination)
  9. There is a typo on the Lincoln Memorial wall, tried to cover it up, but if you look really hard you can see an E turned back into an F.
  10. All the museums in DC are FREE! Can you believe that, what a wonderful way to learn about history…can’t wait to go back!

Special shout out to our amazing tour company…DC by Foot.  If you’re ever in DC they are a wonderful company!!

Author: Nuttygrass

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