Spring Wheat Fertilizing

I know that I’ve been posting mostly crop pictures on Fridays, but this time of year things are growing so fast and changing all the time that it’s so cool to me to see all the progress!!  Hope you’re all not getting too bored, I’m sure something will break soon and I can post some pics of that haha! (knock on wood!)2013-04-11_11-14-35_780Got some spring wheat fertilized yesterday!

2013-04-11_11-14-39_321This is my very “high tech” console that shows me how much I’m getting on, and my speed.

2013-04-11_11-14-44_338This is my slightly more high tech guidance screen that shows me where I’ve been and where I need to drive to get the best coverage.

2013-04-11_11-15-02_899Here’s another “high tech” item…a rear view mirror so I can glance back and see how much fertilizer I have in the tank.

2013-04-11_11-15-10_336You can see the fertilizer (small white granules) flying out the sides here behind me!

2013-04-11_17-02-07_326Pretty nice day to be out in the growing wheat fields!  It won’t be long before they start to get a much darker green and grow, and grow, and grow!

2013-04-11_17-03-30_881What a good day to be a farmer!

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