Photo Friday at Pearmine Farms

This Friday I am heading just next door to a neighboring farm, Pearmine Farms.  You can read more about them on a blog post by clicking here.

They are a very diversified operation, growing a multitude of crops.  Everything from pumpkins, to broccoli, and wheat to cherries.


Cherries are looking ripe!202631_511025528971412_1219114235_o

Photo overlooking beans, wheat and grass fields.992828_510974472309851_883170309_n

Fertilizing wheat.992929_510969725643659_1212900021_n

Picking green beans.1006287_510903275650304_160102072_n

Broccoli Flower.1045188_510989188975046_1771548442_n

Sweet Corn right before they turn on the “big gun” (irrigation).1070023_510923625648269_2075720545_n

Harvesting Wheat1167669_527497613990870_182398914_oHot Balloon over a cauliflower field.

Thank you so much Pearmine Farms for letting me “steal” some photos to share!!

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