Make-Over…for the blog

Blogs, although very much public, many times take on a personal feel to them.  The colors, the photos, they all start to tell a story of who someone is, or at least a part of who they are.  For me, I’m a pretty open book, and as most of you who actually know me in person know this to be very true on my blog and in “real life”.

So asking someone to come onto my site and help me out with any suggestions they may have to make it work better for me, or make it look nicer, was in a way a bit scary for me.  But then I saw that a blogger friend of mine, who has been writing farming blog tips for sometime, was doing farm blog reviews.  You can find her at FarmNWife.  So I thought I would give it a shot, let her in, and see what things that she sees that I don’t when I look at my page.

Here is what she came up with.  Take a look if you wish, or you can wait and see what I have in store for taking her suggestions in and doing a bit of a make over to the site (coming soon!)

Thanks so much for all your help Judi!!

Author: Nuttygrass

I'm a nut and grass farmer, EMT, Firefighter, and world traveler. I love a good laugh and a great adventure!

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