Photo Friday…What is Growing?

Well it’s spring…full blown spring.  Which means everything around us is growing at an alarming (good kind of alarming) rate. We have had some great sunshine, mixed with some warm rain.  Here’s a pic of how the farm dog Yukon deals with a little spring rain…

Yukon ready for the Rain

I took this photo while driving to work today, spring wheat that is moving up to the sun in what seems like inches every day!

Spring Wheat and hazelnutsThe grass is moving up to knee height, and boots are now a requirement if you want to walk fields and not soak your jeans.  The headlands are full of weeds to be sprayed back before they infect our seed crop.  But as my Grandpa Carl would have said, “If weeds don’t grow…nothin’ will grow.”

And the thing that I notice the most is my growing belly…baby Frketich is only a few weeks away!


So what is off and growing around you??


Author: Nuttygrass

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2 thoughts on “Photo Friday…What is Growing?”

  1. Hi Brenda!
    Thank You for dropping in and leaving me a comment.

    I follow several bloggers from Oregon and am coming to the conclusion that your climate is a lot more mild than I thought. Your crops and grass are all ahead of us and it sounds like your winters are not as extreme as South Dakota. I have also concluded that the Nebraska winters of my youth were not as extreme as here either.

    I hope your spring weather straightens out.

    Best wishes as you prepare for your baby and transition into motherhood. Exciting!


  2. Hi Brenda! I love reading your blog and for some reason feel jealous that you got the Koch farming jeans and not me. My sister does a great job at her little farm in OC but I’m out here in Washougal on 20 acres and no farm! 😦
    Keep up the good work. Take care of that baby bump. Looks pretty active! Yah!


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