Drones for Farming?

A few days ago I met up with a group of farmers to see a demo of a drone in use from HoneyComb.  Drones have started to gain in popularity for their ability to look at your fields with an efficiency that is pretty incredible.  We walk our fields very regularly, looking for weeds, trouble areas, fungus, slug damage and other issues that might come up.  This takes a lot of time, and your ability to walk an entire field, every square inch to see all those areas is pretty slim.

IMG_1166IMG_1163Although this technology is still new in regards to the types of information it can provide, I have no doubt that the extent of information is pretty limitless.  The key is getting information that will be useful while at the same time saving you and your bottom line.  We were joking that it could be used to scare geese off fields, joking mostly, but just might be another application.  HoneyComb has some great articles and examples of drones in use on their Facebook page as well.  Click HERE to check it out.

IMG_1156With the drones that we saw demoed on Wednesday it would take only 15 to 20 minutes to cover 50 acres completely.  Then you wait for the information to be uploaded to a server and sent back to you with information about your crop.

IMG_1158It’s pretty incredible and something that we have been hearing more and more about.  And people say that farmers aren’t embracing the wave of the future??  I think not!

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