A New Appreciation for Mom’s Day

Yesterday as you well know was Mother’s Day.  I’m not sure if I “get” to celebrate it yet, seeing as my token into the club is still curled up in my cozy uterus, but either way I have a new found appreciation for my own mom as I keep adding on the days that this little character is late to the party.

I was reminded again of the story of when my mom was pregnant as me, sitting at a nephew’s football game…10 days late.  She said that everyone kept on asking her when she was due as they took a seat next to her on the bleachers, “Oh about 10 days ago.” was her response, slowly followed by that person slowly, painfully, trying to not be obvious about their need to instantly not sit right next to the gal that was about to “pop!”.

So yesterday when a young guy in his twenties asked me, and my response was in the, “Oh about 4 days ago”, and he looked torn between running to go boil water and get towels versus just plain running…I had to laugh.  I doubt this is the only humor I’m going to appreciate from my mom as this journey continues, actually I know for a fact that she will be grinning in many moments yet to come as these life challenges of being a mom come about.  But I have to say I’m lucky, so lucky, to have a mom that is willing to grin along with me, even in tough times and annoying times like when you just have to be patient because sometimes life just happens to you, especially when it comes to being a mom!

family-49 (2)Thanks to Murray Photography for all these beautiful wedding photos…that I still LOVE to look at!

Happy Mother’s Day to all your moms out there!  You deserve all the thanks in the world…because you really do make it a better place!


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