Green Beans!

I would start by saying that green beans are crop number (blank) on our farm, but it’s harvest and to tell you the truth I don’t even know what day it is let alone where green beans fall amongst the other either crops we are growing this year.  It’s obvious that I’m tired and a little worn out already even though it’s only mid-July.  Harvest came early, but that doesn’t really matter, it’s a go go go time of year for all farmers here in Oregon.  You can tell just how tired because it turns out it’s Tuesday and not Monday (the usual day I post).  Oh well, for your viewing pleasure here is some green bean progress for you all.

IMG_4355The first planting is looking great!  The row are full of small little baby beans filling more and more by the day! IMG_4354 The second planting is coming right along as well, no blooms or beans on the plants yet, but those are sure to come soon.

IMG_4351The photo above is our first planting, photo below is the second.

So I hope everyone has a great Monday, or Tuesday, or whatever the heck day it is.  To us farmers it really doesn’t matter, the sun is shining so we are working, hope my blog readers can forgive me!  I’m not quite as tired as a few years ago.  I remember I walked out of my house to go to work after only a few hours of sleep, looked down and realized not only did I forget to put on shoes, I had two different socks on.  Oh the life of harvest!  Well I guess it’s time to get back out into the field folks.  Until next time…

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