Combining Cabbage Seed

This year we grew our first crop of cabbage for seed. It is always fun to add a new crop to the farm, although learning curves can be steep, we had a lot of help to get the crop to harvest. But then came harvest, and using a brand of combine that no one had used before, we hit the ground running and patiently tweaked on our yellow gal for about 3 hours to get her all set right.   There was lots of climbing inside the combine to double check what was going on.   

 I got to drive the harvester, my pregnant belly still fits so far!  And I got a few helpful riders to keep me company. 

 We dumped it into our truck to took it down the road to Triangle Farms. It was then unloaded into boxes and taken to be stored until it is cleaned.    

 It’s really pretty seed!  So even though it took awhile to get it all set right, it was a fun process of trial and error to get the crop to look like what we wanted! 

And now the yellow combine heads back to join the John Deere in ryegrass harvest. Back together again! 
   Happy Friday!

Author: Nuttygrass

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