Goodbye to Old Grey

Old Grey has been on our farm for 22 years.  22 fertilizer seasons of running around loaded down from field to field.  22 summers of hauling grass seed, clover, wheat, even filberts on long hot days.  22 years of wear, tear, washing and waxing before each season.

I realize it might seem silly to have an attachment to just a piece of equipment on our farm, but silly or not, I was sad to see her go.  Maybe it’s because I always think back when I was a kid and that steering wheel seemed so big!  I can perfectly imagine it’s what Hoot is thinking right as I took the photo below! Or maybe it’s the memories later, sitting in the driver’s seat of Old Grey, learning how to drive a semi, while dad sat in the passenger side and told me to “Take it easy on her!” and inevitably cringing while I grinded every gear heading down the road.  Old Grey is the truck that didn’t have the get up and go of her new counterparts at our farm, but I’ll be dammed if she didn’t always get you where you wanted to go….eventually.We bought a new truck that is currently being put together, painted up all pretty and shiny.  She’s newer than Old Grey by a long shot, has more horsepower, and will be a great addition to our farm.  When we bought her and made the decision to sell Old Grey, it was the end of an era.  This is the first large purchase that Matt and I have made since buying the farm from my parents.  In a way Old Grey represents the past generation on our farm and the transition to the next.

So while Hoot was farming with me on Friday, we went to say our goodbyes.  I gave our boy, generation number 4 a chance to stand on the seat and pull the horn one last time, just like I did growing up.

Obviously Hoot didn’t quite feel as sentimental as me, he was just excited to go see the combines haha! But regardless I said my thank yous for being such a great part of our farm, and for always getting us where we needed to be….eventually.

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Old Grey”

  1. Cherish the memory when the new truck finally arrives at the farm. I remember as a kid when the dealer delivered the few new pieces of equipment we bought to our farm. My dad was a rather stoic kind of guy, but that was one of the few times he was truly happy in his own way. He’s passed now, but I still keep those memories with me.


  2. Yes .I feel your sentiment . We had a Case 1175 it was the first brand new tractor that Dad & I bought together. It was with us for 19 years, The day before the auction sale, I patted her hood & said I’ll miss you old Girl ,She was the most trouble free tractor that the farm ever had, over 6000hrs still looked like new.


  3. If you’re a farmer you have a piece of equipment that means a little something to you. Ask Eric about his old bi-directional tractor;-). First tractor he and I bought for our farm. Not sure Marie n Tristan feel the love for it. To say it’s past it’s prime, is being kind. Love your writing, keep it up!


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