Harvest 2018 Begins

18 Jun

It seems like yesterday we were driving all the harvest equipment into the barns…until next year…and as things seem to go these days, just like that we are at it again!

Crimson clover for seed is our first crop this year. We got up bright and early to start cutting our first fields today. We have a lot of acres this year, mostly because the price is low (haha!).

In a week or so we will come back and combine these fields, taking the seed to a cleaner, then selling it for cover crops, pastures and game plots.

So here we go again, hoping for a better year than last, and some good weather to go along with it!

One Response to “Harvest 2018 Begins”

  1. Tom Stegmeier June 19, 2018 at 5:44 pm #

    Hoping for a safe & great Harvest on your Farm !!


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