Hunting…Not so Quietly

I am basically the world’s worst hunter, just ask my husband.  For one, I don’t have a whisper volume, when I try to whisper it comes out sounding like a whisper only it’s the same volume as if I was actually speaking.  Then I also am a “loud” walker, which before trying to walk quietly in the woods with my husband then boyfriend did I even know that walking volume existed.  So in summary I’m just a loud human, which in the end is not a good thing for sneaking up on animals.

So…because of this the good outdoors man and myself have found a compromise.  Basically we only do outdoor activities like hunting in situations where I can just talk at my normal volume and I don’t have to be expected to “try to roll from your heal to your toes while walking, and for goodness sakes are you trying to step on every stick in the forest?!”


Out to the river we go!  Here in Oregon you can shoot deer off the river, we sit in a lovely boat and go for a nice drift downstream checking out the scenery and looking for deer.


I’m also really bad at spotting things, so when I asked if I could take a nap since I see just as much with my eyes open as my eyes closed my loving husband agreed.  It was a bit chilly but I was prepared, another thing I’ve learned, the more clothes the better you can always layer off if you need to!


We didn’t have too much luck.  Saw a lot of does but no bucks.  We’ll keep trying and I’ll keep enjoying my loud hunts on the river spending time with my guy.

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