12 Things I’ve Learned in 29 Years…

It’s not quite the milestone birthday of 30, and I’m a little long for the crazy 21-er, but I have to say that turning 29 on October 28th has made me look back and see where I’ve been the past few years…enjoy the journey…

1. Life doesn’t surprise you, it amazes you with how it actually really all works out, just like your mom promised!

2. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for, it’s true that if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

3. As the above reference implies, country music absolutely does define my life from start to today.

4. I’m just one year closer to feeling the same age as my soul, 82!

5. Sometimes life is frustrating…that’s just life.

6. This one I learned early on…when you complain and your parents tell you, “Oh well we’ll just call your real parents the king and queen to come pick you up!” They are…unfortunately…kidding in that parent way that they do.

7. When you get to have a job that you feel passionate about…that is rare…hold on to it with both hands!

8. When you get to hold on to a man that is incredible, make sure that you keep holding on to him too!

9. Try to always break things just a bit slower than you can fix them!

10. Count your blessings, (cheesy…maybe….but you will be amazed at how much better you feel afterwards!)

11. If you’re a farmer, always have a pocketknife handy.

12. And finally, Laugh as often as possible!  Especially at yourself, those make the best stories! (There is a good Halloween example of one of these stories coming up Wednesday…stay tuned!)

Farm Organization…at its Best

All through business school I learned about “Job Descriptions” and how important they were. I also learned that in order to fill out any type of application you had to be able to put down your job description. It was very important and something that we learned about, wrote about, studied on…then I started work for the farm. There are many things that change once the reality of the real working world hits. You realize that your job description that you applied for, can be changed, re-defined, or just one of those jobs where no one actually knows what you do while you’re busy at work all day. But then you come to work for your family’s farm, looking for direction and realizing that there aren’t job descriptions on a farm, there is just work!

So with the many constant projects on a farm, who does what, who is in charge of that and who checks to make sure it was done right?? I gotta tell you, it’s still quite a cluster this time of year, looking like chickens with our heads cut off running around to this job and that. Between changing equipment over for different crops, shipping crops out the door, and receiving crops at the same time! Trying to keep crews busy in the down hours of the day, while also making sure that you’re check on them or wake them up from their naps! And of course along comes all the unexpected, the broken shafts or sheer bolts, that weird sound that has started on the combine header or the squeaky driveline that has decided today is the day it will give out. The list goes on and on of what can be worked on. And when that moment comes that you think there just might not be one project left to work on, unfortunately that is the day that you get to clean the dreaded shop bathroom! It’s amazing the kinds of things you will find to keep yourself busy when you know that is the last project on the list!

This may look like chaos…but it’s really quite organized!

I don’t have a clue how other small businesses work, and I’m sure it’s a bit more streamlined than us. But here is one way that we here at Kirsch Family Farms keep ourselves somewhat organized. It may seem a bit archaic with computers and smart phones on all of our hips, but this is our own version of Google Cloud you could say. “The Board” it’s referred to. If something is not written on “The Board” I’ll be honest and say odds are about 1 in 100 that it will get accomplished in any kind of speedy fashion. But at the same time we have a few items up there that have been on “The Board” so long I don’t think any amount of cleaner will get them off. We keep track of equipment to fix, parts to pick up, parts to order, moles dad has killed (this is my favorite), meetings to attend, field work to be done, spraying to finish up, the list goes on and on!

Way to go Dad!

So with my description-less job of farming, I just keep chugging away and wiping things clean off “The Board”, all the while adding every day the next project to hopefully keep me out of the toilet cleaning job!

10 Things you need to know when dating a Fisherman…

This one isn’t all about farming…it covers a few more of the “normal” sides of my life about love & fishing.  Just for those who do not know…I’m in love with a fisherman, a hunter, an outdoor enthusiast, a landscape designer, a wood furniture builder, an excavator, a kind man, a grateful man, and a humble man…I’m also lucky enough that all of these men (seeing as multiple boyfriends can be frowned upon) are part of one awesome guy!  He claims that since we have known each other for so long, he has nothing new to learn about me (ha ha), I on the other hand have learned so much I could probably write a book.  The first chapter would probably be entitled, “How to Date a guy with 100 hobbies”….but until then I’ll just share a bit about what I’ve learned about dating a fisherman first.

  1. 4:30am is not early, if you’re up to catch fish.
  2. Don’t plan things on Saturdays or Sundays, or really any day of the week during fishing season…because it will get canceled.
  3. Patience is key, they truly don’t call it catching for a reason.
  4. You don’t have to be quiet, but you also don’t have to talk the whole time…sitting in silence it totally fine while out on the water.
  5. It’s important to watch your pole, because the moment you aren’t watching it…that’s when you’ll miss the fish!
  6. If you do happen to get a fish on, it’s quite alright to be given stern advice at a hurried pace at for the next 5 minutes while you reel him in (at first I called it yelling, but I was assured that it wasn’t)…don’t worry the fisherman still loves you, he’s just a bit excited!
  7. It’s very important to tell the fisherman well in advance of having to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW…give him some time to get back to the dock otherwise you’ll be peeing in a bucket.
  8. Bringing along food is a must, the fisherman won’t always tell you to bring food, you’re the guest out there on the water…you bring the food, period.
  9. And when you bring food…whatever you do don’t bring a banana onto the boat…I don’t know why, but this a rule and it’s not to be crossed.
  10. Understand that fishing is their true love, you’re great and all, but don’t mess with their fishing!!

My fisherman & I after a great day on the river!

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