Happy Birthday x 2

I have two birthdays to cover today…and since this farm doesn’t go far without everyone knowing that it’s a family farm, you have to always remember to stop and appreciate family!

First was my little brother’s birthday just a week ago! I was probably not the most amazing sister, I came down with the flu Monday and I’m pretty sure I managed a facebook “Happy Birthday” but that’s about it. Sorry KY! So here’s to you little man (even though you’re about 2 feet taller than me)!

First of all…I’m so proud of the man you have become and the family that you have started for yourself! You have a great life ahead of you and I can see that more and more every day!

Secondly…I love how much fun we have together! I seriously cry of laughter everytime we’re together and I think it’s because we are so insanely funny! One of my favorite moments caught on camera here, amazing!

And lastly…Thanks for being such a good brother to me Kyle! Love ya much (don’t worry I won’t use any of your really super unbelievably embarrassing big sister nicknames on here!)

So the next birthday that I can’t forget is actually today! Happy Birthday Mom!! I have written before about how wonderful my mom is, and I just can’t say it enough! Especially after being sick this whole week, all the work she did to take care of me and to take care of so many of the projects I was going to work on! She painted at the new house, cleaned at the new house, AND moved furniture at the new house all while still making sure I had everything I needed while being sick at my old house.  She is always such a blessing to have!! Thanks so much mom, mimi, aunt, sister, grandma for all that you do…I know that we never say it enough, but THANK YOU!!

I hope that you give yourself a break today, get some time to relax and do a few things for yourself for a change!  Happy Birthday Mom…You’re awesome!!

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12 Things I’ve Learned in 29 Years…

It’s not quite the milestone birthday of 30, and I’m a little long for the crazy 21-er, but I have to say that turning 29 on October 28th has made me look back and see where I’ve been the past few years…enjoy the journey…

1. Life doesn’t surprise you, it amazes you with how it actually really all works out, just like your mom promised!

2. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for, it’s true that if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.

3. As the above reference implies, country music absolutely does define my life from start to today.

4. I’m just one year closer to feeling the same age as my soul, 82!

5. Sometimes life is frustrating…that’s just life.

6. This one I learned early on…when you complain and your parents tell you, “Oh well we’ll just call your real parents the king and queen to come pick you up!” They are…unfortunately…kidding in that parent way that they do.

7. When you get to have a job that you feel passionate about…that is rare…hold on to it with both hands!

8. When you get to hold on to a man that is incredible, make sure that you keep holding on to him too!

9. Try to always break things just a bit slower than you can fix them!

10. Count your blessings, (cheesy…maybe….but you will be amazed at how much better you feel afterwards!)

11. If you’re a farmer, always have a pocketknife handy.

12. And finally, Laugh as often as possible!  Especially at yourself, those make the best stories! (There is a good Halloween example of one of these stories coming up Wednesday…stay tuned!)

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