Baby Update

As most of you know this small creature is going to be entering our lives…very soon!  Oh how time flies.  So here is just a small update on where we’re at, looking at just about a month until we are graced with the presence of yet another Frketich.

I am getting more fluffy….by the day…

8 months Pregnant

The dogs are getting a bit more attention…

Farm Dogs

Diesel even got to be the first to get a rock in the new rocking chair (he looks thrilled!)

Dog in rocking chair

And the babies room is filled now with more “Baby Items” than hunting gear…

Babies Room

Except the corner with the gun safe & bear rug…It’s a long story!

Gun Safe & Bear Rug

And we have made a successful transition to having Matt be our main sprayer operator on the farm…Check out my video answering the 2014 Farmer Challenge:

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  1. That truck must have a smaller steering wheel than a few of our old ones – I had a hard time driving trucks toward the end – well, that was mostly because the PTO controls were at the base if the seat in front by my feet, & that combined with the steering wheels & the need to simultaneously depress the clutch just didn’t work! Lol. Can’t wait to meet baby 🙂


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